XpeedStudio Year in Review 2023- A Year of Milestones, Growth & Success

XpeedStudio year in review-2023

The year 2023 was challenging, yet thriving for us. We overcame challenges in performing our daily work across all the departments, enjoyed every bit of the work, and notched up resounding success with both our existing product line and the products to come.

Countless fun moments with teammates, surprise birthday party celebrations of coworkers, and casual chitchat with colleagues, all of them were regular activities at our office premises.

We are almost past 2023 but embarking on a new year will feel dull if the happenings of last year aren’t recapped. It’s also momentous to know how we grew as a company last year, how our products performed in that period, what new products are in the pipeline, and many more.

This write-up will highlight all these points at length but before that, let me familiarize you with all the brands operating under the umbrella of XpeedStudio.

XpeedStudio’s Wings – An Overview

Wpmet is our oldest and known brand dedicated to WordPress plugins, SaaS, and AI product development. Under this brand, we introduced a number of products, including ElementsKit, MetForm, ShopEngine, and Wp Social.

Wpmet homepage- XpeedStudio year in review 2023

Our second brand is GetGenie which is also our AI product that we launched to make effortless content creation with the power of AI. Since its launch, it has been performing tremendously well across the globe.

GetGenie homepage- XpeedStudio year in review 2023

We are delighted to share with you that we achieved some outstanding landmarks in terms of product growth, branding, innovation, and human resources in 2023.

XpeedStudio Year in Review 2023- Our Notable Achievements

Right at the inception of 2023, we aimed to work on several new products and the good news is that we not only kicked off our work on all these products duly but also rounded off substantial portions of our development work in 2023. We are optimistic about releasing all the products in the first half of 2024.

Apart from that, the growth and success of our existing products continued to explode in the previous year. All of GetGenie, ElementsKit, MetForm, ShopEngine, and Wp Social flourished and generated targeted revenue for us.

GetGenie’s Journey in 2023

GetGenie made tremendous strides in 2023 in terms of downloads, active installations, reach, traction, sales, and revenue generation.

Throughout 2023, the AI content writer received 205,000 downloads and 8K+ active installations in WordPress alone. In August 2023, the AI writer hit 10K active installations in WordPress and is on the rise as time progresses.

GetGenie milestone of 10K+

Although GetGenie was released as a WordPress AI content tool, it featured a SaaS interface in early 2023 to let any website owner avail of the tool. And the result was fantastic! More and more people showed zeal to grab GetGenie and now we have an enormous number of GetGenie users worldwide.

Both WordPress and non-WordPress users capitalized on the utility of the AI writer, resulting in higher usage, downloads, sales, and revenue than in 2022.

GetGenie at a glance

GetGenie Highlights:

  • Best WordPress & SaaS AI content and SEO tool
  • Easy process to generate both one-click and step-by-step blog posts
  • Helps in content optimization with keyword research and SERP analysis data for different keywords
  • Availability of content score with effective suggestions based on word count, internal links, headings, an image alt-text to improve content
  • Recommends NLP keywords to make content easily understandable by Google bot
  • Showcases H2H comparison with competitors concerning covered keywords on a given topic
  • Scores of content writing features, including 37+ templates
  • Generates content in 33+ languages

ElementsKit – Reached 1M+ Active Installations

This year, ElementsKit notched up multiple landmarks. Last year, I mentioned reaching the 1 million user mark soon. We had a resounding success of hitting 900,000 active installations in January this year. Two months after that, the iconic ElementsKit page builder hit the dream figure of 1M active installations.

ElementsKit milestone of 1M+

And the good news is the number of users of ElementsKit is on the rise as time progresses. Now, we are itching to touch the 2M figure mark within the next few months.

Not only in terms of user accumulation, ElementsKit also generated whopping sales across the globe in 2023.

MetForm – Attained a Massive Number of Users

In 2023, MetForm achieved 2 cracking landmarks that we were long craving. August marked the reach of 200K users while it took merely 4-5 months for the form builder to hit 300K active installations.

MetForm milestone of 300K+

On top of that, MetForm attained nearly 2M downloads only in 2023. That’s absolutely enthralling!

ShopEngine – Achieved Great Success:

ShopEngine is one of our key products that has hit 30K active installations and over 250K downloads in 2023. Since its launch, ShopEngine has won over thousands of WooCommerce users worldwide by providing complete WooCommerce store building and customization solutions.

Wp Social and WP Ultimate Review – Reached Important Milestones

Wp Social and WP Ultimate Review both have fared splendidly this year. Wp Social has reached active installations and downloads of nearly 30K and 400K respectively. The performance of WP Ultimate Review is decent as well.

All the credit goes to you guys for making it possible for us to have such a flourishing year!

Extraordinary Efforts by the Development Team

2023 was a thriving year for the development team. Not only did we let them work on multiple products, but we also improved the internal infrastructure of the dev team.

Our developers have released 235 plugin updates along with making nearly 2K pull requests and 21K+ commits. All the updates helped our clients integrate new features into their websites.

Contributions by developers- 2023

The team wholly adjusted to the “Git WorkFlow” process to contribute more to the company’s growth. The dev team took in a total of 12 milestones in 2023 along with finishing up 98% of user stories.

Kudos to our Support Team

In 2023, our support team performed exceedingly well. Due to the involvement in 4 new products alongside the existing products, the support team had to multitask and react proactively. And they did so superbly as expected from them.

All the products brought forth scores of technical problems. But that didn’t bog down our support team. Instead, our 24/7 active professional support team successfully managed the pressure and nailed their responsibilities! 

Fantastic Job Done by the Design Team

The year 2023 was quite remarkable for our design team as well. They have gained enormous success in multiple sites, plugins, themes, and apps. 

With complete dedication and commitment, XpeedStudio’s design team worked on the upcoming new products as well as the existing products, sale campaigns, and social media content successfully.

A Massive Shout-out to Our Content and Marketing Team

The content & marketing team of XpeedStudio ran dozens of successful campaigns to give life to our existing products. They put effort and time into making sure that all our products reach our prospects and clients alike.

In 2023, the content & marketing team took all the necessary moves to maximize the sales of all our products. They made use of both organic and paid channels to promote our well-developed products in the best possible way.

Be it content marketing, social media marketing, outreach marketing, or paid marketing, they availed of all these channels and brought a wonderful outcome for our business.

Marketing team contribution- 2023

The content team crafted 270 blog posts in total for our multiple websites which not only generated high organic impressions but also drove high organic traffic, helping our brands get maximum exposure in front of our target audience and prospects.

Content team contribution- 2023

The content & marketing team also sketched blueprints for our upcoming products. It’s a cherry on the cake!

Some of the other Notable Activities in 2023

The year 2023 provided the team XpeedStudio with more hustle and bustle. From rich training sessions to fun activities, the entire year was full of buzz, excitement, and learning.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the notable activities we made in 2023 –

Enlightening Learning and Training Sessions for our Team Members 

We always encourage our team members to keep enriching their knowledge, industry and non-industry alike. To motivate them, we used to organize regular weekly learning sessions within office time to let them enhance and share their knowledge on various burning issues.

Aside from learning, training is an indispensable part of self-growth. Last year, we successfully conducted multiple training sessions, including an instructive HR session. The session primarily educated all our team members about the automation and integration of HR activities.

HR session- 2023

Sponsoring WordCamp Asia 2023

We were a proud Ari sponsor in WordCamp Asia 2023. At the event, our booth featured all our products with a presentable display. We welcomed participants to our booth, talked to them, and answered their queries about our products.

We also organized fun games and dealt out cool gifts & swags to the winners. Overall, the event was a memorable and successful one for us as a company.

WordCamp Asia 2023 Gifts and Swags

In-house Table Tennis Tournament

We took part in scores of fun and recreational activities last year, including the indoor table tennis tournament, team dinner, and more.

Table tennis tournament- 2023

The table tennis tournament unified members from multiple departments and solidified mutual rapport and bonding besides creating an electrifying sporting atmosphere.

Annual Day Tour

We also made sure our employees enjoyed the refreshing air and outdoor fun activities by organizing an annual day tour in mid-2023. The day tour not only freshened up our team members but also gave impetus to their work.

Day tour 2023

Gala Night to Appreciate Employee Performance

Early 2023, we organized a grand event named “Gala Night” to reward our team members for their performances. We awarded our team members under different categories, including Best Performer, Best Idea Generator, and Emerging Talent for their valuable contributions to the company.

Gala night 2023

The special attraction of the program was the annual profit share distribution with the team members. Our Founder & CEO Mr. Ataur Rahman issued cheques to the employees entitled to receive the profit share publicly.

Finally, the event culminated with a grand buffet dinner party in which all the team members took part and feasted to their heart’s content.

WP Awards Monster Awards Wins by Multiple of Our Products

WP Awards is a prestigious award in the WordPress space and we received this award for various categories in 2023. Our core AI product “GetGenie” received the “Best WordPress AI Plugin” award in the recently concluded WP Awards online event.

Besides, ElementsKit and ShopEngine stood out as the “Bronze” winner (3rd Place) for the categories “Best Elementor Addon” and “Best Ecommerce Tool” respectively.

WP Awards GetGenie
WP Awards ElementsKit and ShopEngine

Monster’s Awards also announced its results and our products won awards for different categories here too. For both Marketing and AI WordPress Plugins categories, GetGenie stood out 2nd with a difference of only 1% vote for both categories than the winners.

Monster's Awards by GetGenie 2023

For the Form category, MetForm took the 2nd position among many of its contenders. Apart from that, ElementsKit and ShopEngine each were declared 3rd for the Elementor Plugin and WooCommerce categories respectively.

MetForm Monster's award 2023
ElementsKit Monster's award 2023
ShopEngine monster's award 2023

Building a Strong Support System 

The support system is integral to providing optimal client service. Our support team worked 24/7 to fix every issue faced by our clients. Currently, we have a robust client service team that is always dedicated to answering customer queries and resolving customer issues promptly.

Regular Perks Offered by XpeedStudio

Our team members always feast on appreciable perks & benefits that set us apart from others. The following benefits make our team members happy and stay with us longer —

No Bossing Over/Micromanagement

We always encourage our employees to foster friendly relationships with their coworkers. Our company doesn’t endorse the culture of bossing over the junior team members. With mutual respect for one another, our employees have grown as better human beings besides being better team members.

No Question Asked Leave & Remote Work

Unlike other companies, we offer flexibility to our employees when it comes to taking leave. Our team members don’t go through the hassle of multiple approvals to enjoy their allotted days of leave.

By informing the relevant personnel, they can take leave smoothly following the company’s rules & regulations.

Taking various circumstances into consideration, we offer hybrid and remote work opportunities to our team members as well.

Excited about 2024

That was a snapshot of XpeedStudio year in review 2023. It was a thriving year for us as everyone involved with XpeedStudio was bent on producing the best outcome. Right from team members and well-wishers to customers and subscribers, all of them contributed abundantly to us.

Our thanks and gratitude go to the stakeholders for trusting and counting on us. We are optimistic that 2024 will bring success, reputation, and revenue for us multiple times more than 2023. On that note, wishing you all a pleasant and flourishing 2024.

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