Top 10 HR Project Management Software to Improve Team Efficiency

Are you looking for your new HR project management software? 

There’s no doubt about the incredible assistance of such software to streamline your human resources project management. 

In this post, I have shared 10 HR project management software that can help you plan, monitor, and optimize the entire HR workflow.

What is human resource (HR) project management software?

HR project management software is a specialized application for simplifying all the phases of HR-related tasks like initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure. HR professionals can oversee all project updates within a data-driven framework. 

Overall, the implication of this tool is ensuring holistic team management and aligning the team with organizational goals. It’s not just about recruiting and onboarding management – ​​a lot applies to using HR project management software. 

For example, providing training to team members, tracking employee performance, structuring compensation guidelines, reviewing annual pay packages, ensuring a collaborative work culture, or anything related to the human resources department’s internal or external operations.

So using HR project management software will give you much more control over all employee-related matters. Let’s find a suitable one for you.

Best HR Project Management Software for You!

Here is our detailed review of the 10 best project management software. 



Rippling HR automates the workflow of your human resources project operations to bring efficiency. It is an all-in-one HR solution that users have praised for letting them manage everything from onboarding to offboarding in one place. 

If, at some point, you find it difficult to coordinate various HR tasks simultaneously, there are hundreds of pre-made workflow templates to ease your work. And, you can personalize them however you want.

Unique Features

  • Check employee performance with real-time progress data, define periods, and provide unbiased ratings.
  • Hire workers worldwide and pay them in their own currency. (Global Payroll)
  • Control all types of employee benefits on a single screen and adding a new benefit for an employee requires nothing more than a click.
  • Assign the right course to the right person and track the progress result with an easy learning management system.
  • Automatically allocate time costs and compensations for different teams.


❎ Offer less customization control at the employee end.

💸 Pricing

Generally, a monthly subscription starts at $8 per user, but it largely depends on the size of your workforce and operation.



BambooHR is a flexible software that allows you to manage your human resources projects in a simple and easy interface. This software comes with easily customizable tools, meaningful reports, actionable data, accurate survey reports, and many more to successfully run an evolving workforce.

Unique Features

  • Make recruitment faster and more accurate with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Automate the HR data generating with 49 built-in reports and manage in a  secure centralized database.
  • Drive safe and strategic action based on in-depth analytics.
  • Reduce manual efforts and redundancies in functioning payroll and benefits.
  • Implement employee engagement practices using the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) survey method.
  • Customizing the evolution process based on different parameters and scheduling.


❎ Don’t have global payroll support.

❎ Charge additionally for features like TRAXPayroll integration.

❎ A few new features are mostly in the early stages and need improvements.

❎ Doesn’t reveal any accurate pricing info.

💸 Pricing

Comes with two separate plans:

  • Essential: Comes with a few basic features Employee records, Standard Reporting & Analytics, Mobile APP, etc. It is best for startups or small companies.
  • Advantage: Apart from all the Essential features, this plan supports Onboarding tasks, offboarding tasks, custom access levels, and more. It can be a suitable option for any big company thinking about reimplementing of HR plan.

Plus, you can include versatile add-ons from different categories to extend your HR project management capabilities.



Workable HR project management software is the best option for an organization that is planning to install rapid hiring projects. It empowers your talent acquisition program with AI Recruiter. Further, this tool helps to efficient collaboration management.

Unique Features

  • Effortlessly post circulars over 200 job boards globally within no time.
  • Create responsive career pages without any technical expertise.
  • AI Recruiter analyzes 400 million candidates to find the best match employee.
  • Confirm the fair evolution of candidates by anonymized screening and guided tools.
  • Use LinkedIn right from the Workable dashboard.
  • Handle organized and searchable document storing and employee directory.


❎ Solely focused on recruiting programs of an organization.

❎ Limited functionality for payroll management.

❎ Less support for the diverse operational activities.

❎ Doesn’t have any data reporting features.

💸 Pricing

Workable offers three different plans:

  • Starter ($149 Per Month): Available with only a monthly plan. And, it supports a team with up to 50 members. Take this plan if you are hiring seasonally.
  • Standard (Starts at $360 Per Month: This package is available for both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The best thing is you can choose a plan according to your employee size. Consider this plan, if you have hiring projects all over the year.
  • Premier (Starts at $599 Per Month): This is available with only a yearly subscription option. This package is designed for big companies looking to apply strategic plans for hiring projects.



FreshTeam promises to reduce human resources team time and effort by bringing the entire workflow under one roof. Offering features like autopilot mode and onboarding kits, this HR project management tool can be an excellent option to automate repetitive tasks.

Unique Features

Plus, it showcases data with interactive visuals and useful filtering features to perform any strategic decision. 

  • The autopilot mode enables the automating of your daily hiring tasks like candidate screening, scoring, emailing, follow-ups, etc.
  • Facilitates onboarding welcome kit to perform all the actions from one place.
  • Has a self-service feature for employees which ensures no unnecessary interruption to the HR teams.
  • Easily maintain employee directory.
  • Centralize the time off management workflow.
  • Supports with a mobile app.
  • Available with a free option.


❎ Don’t have enough payroll functionalities.

❎ Growth and pro plans miss crucial features.

💸 Pricing 

FreashTeam is available with three different paid plans:

  • Free: A forever free option for up to 50 employees. You will get all the basic features for recruiting.
  • Growth: This plan costs $71 per month and $1.20 per employee per month. You will have various functionalities and analytics for job postings. 
  • Pro: This plan costs $119 per month and $2.40 per employee per month. It includes features for automating workflows, advanced customization features for job posting, and managing HR data along with everything in the Pro plan.
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $203 per month and $4.80 per employee per month. This plan is suitable for big companies dealing with complex HR solutions. Apart from all the Pro plan features, you can custom user roles, access restriction based on IP address, One-click data export, and a dedicated account manager.

ADP Workforce Now


ADP Workforce Now is another human resources project management software, but it steps above other software in terms of experience. With 70 years of experience and over 90,000 clients, ADP has been a trustable name in the HR industry.

Especially, for HR project operations in mid-sized businesses or large corporations, this tool helps in haunting qualified talents, analyzing labor costs, processing payroll, and more.

There’s also great flexibility in choosing Individual solutions packages which is beneficial for a small human resources team to find a cost-effective project management tool.

Unique Features

  • Get HR project management solutions based on Small, Mid-sized, and Large business categories.
  • Get 24/7 support from professional and experienced payroll professionals.
  • Implement AI technology to make accurate payroll.
  • Customize the dashboard for creating your own HR ecosystem.
  • Use machine learning and ADP® DataCloud to get hidden data insights.
  • Allow employee access to get rid of common questions.
  • Offers a wide range of third-party integrations.


❎ Don’t have a free version.

❎ Don’t have a human-centric support system.

❎ A bit technical for beginner HR professionals.

❎ Don’t have a transparent pricing plan.

💸 Pricing 

Essential: This basic plan allows you to streamline payroll and HR effectively. Features include real-time processing of payroll & tax, enhanced HR tools, and self-service options. You can pay more for access to learning courses, analytics and enhanced insights, and talent acquisition and recruitment.

Enhanced: This plan includes everything in the Essential plan in addition to benefits administration.

Premium: This includes everything in the Enhanced package plus automated time tracking and seamless payroll integration.



Deel is a cloud-based HR project management software that brings the administrative work of your entire global team under one umbrella. It lessens human resources work with features like automated invoicing, tax collection, and effortless global payments.

Deel has a reputation for easing your legal and operational overhead. You can see all the documentation in one place.

Moreover, its various human resources tools ensure the credibility of its promise to complete any task within 5 minutes.

Unique Features

  • Best for seamless payroll management.
  • Easily manage expenses, time off, and bonuses.
  • Manage international hiring within 150+ countries.
  • Eliminates any legal and operational issues for global hiring.
  • In-house dedicated CSM and onboarding support for users’ timezone and language.
  • Track churn and retention with HR reports.
  • Quick responses from the customer service team.


❎ Mostly focuses on Payroll project functions.

❎ Lack of employee development and recreational features.

💸 Pricing 

  • Free: All basic HR features are available without costing money.
  • Premium Packs: If you go for EOR, Contractors, Global Payroll, and Immigration features, the payment starts between $49 to $599. It even cost several hundreds of dollars according to your requirements.

best-HR-Project-Management-Software-Monday holds a vast collection of ready-to-use pre-made HR templates, assisting you in easily managing human resources projects. It enables an HR management system with different tracking tools for automatic onboarding, monitoring employees, enhancing employee relationships, and many more.

Unique Features

  • Planning, managing, and observing the entire HR ecosystem in a modern and intuitive dashboard.
  • Create a personalized dashboard experience to suit your individual needs.
  • Start any HR activity with no time through pre-made templates.
  • Activate the autopilot mode to automate the repetitive work.
  • Easily track employee performance status.
  • Interactive showcasing options like maps or calendars for data insights. 
  • Display project progress in a pipeline view. 


❎ Major specs and features support only the higher-level plans.

❎ Not ideal for a small team.

❎ Lack of a dedicated support system.

❎ Confusing pricing plan.

💸 Pricing

No-money for up to 2 seats
Best For Solo-Entrepreneurs

 ($24 Total and $8 per employee) per month
Best For Managing Team Work

(71 Total and $10 per employee) per month
Best For Task Automation and Data Insights

(48 Total and $16 per employee) per month
Best For Effective Workflow

(Contact the sales team for a custom order.)
Best For Managing enterprise-level HR Projects
Up to 3 boardsIncludes all free features andIncludes all basic features andIncludes all standard features andIncludes all Pro features and
Unlimited docsUnlimited free viewersTimeline & Gantt viewsPrivate boards and docsEnterprise-scale automation & integrations
200+ templatesUnlimited itemsCalendar viewChart viewMulti-level permissions
8 column types5 GB file storageGuest accessTime trackingEnterprise-grade security & governance
Up to 2 team membersPrioritised customer supportAutomations ((250 actions per month)Formula columnAdvanced reporting & analytics
Mobile app SupportCreate a dashboard based on 1 boardIntegrations
(250 actions per month)
Dependency columnTailored onboarding
Create a dashboard that combines up to 5 boardsAutomations
(25,000 actions per month)
Premium support
(25,000 actions per month)
Create a dashboard that combines 50 boards
Create a dashboard that combines up to 10 boards



Gusto is an HR project management software that helps you with HR functionalities, maintaining accounts data, and automating the documentation process. 

And, if you’re someone from the US and own or work in a startup or small business, you’re in luck. Gusto offers tax registration services for all 50 states. 

But, no worries, if you’re from outside the US, this software has international contractor payments in over 120 countries. Actually, it lessens the financial management workflow for the HR team by syncing payroll and time tracking.

Unique Features

  • Create payroll reports effortlessly by combining hours worked, PTO, and holidays.
  • Easily post job circulars in different channels and create a customizable onboarding checklist.
  • Automatically manage & store documents, and open payroll tax files.
  • Effectively adjust health and financial benefits plans for employees.
  • Get customizable insights and reports to make effective decisions. 
  • Smartly manage payment with the Gusto Wallet app.
  • Facilitates self-service tools to employees to reduce HR workload.


❎ Don’t have a built-in global payroll system.

❎ Can manage projects from the mobile due to lack of functionalities.

❎ Contractors and time off management require extra functionalities.

❎ Most features are dedicated only to US-based users.

💸 Pricing

Gusto HR project management software has three different plans.

Simple ($40 Per Month): Best solution for any startup or small business starting their HR operations with payroll and basic HR functions.

Plus ($80 Per Month): This package is idle for any companies trying to operate their program all over the US. Compared to the Simple plan, it has extra features for managing the team.

Premium: Customize this plan with your personalized needs. For a mid-sized or growing business can take the advantage of this plan.



ClickUp is a project and task management solution for any kind of team. HR professionals can take advantage of it to plan their projects, collaborate with employees, and track progress in a simplified way.

Custom Fields, Custom Status, Automation, Reminders, Checklists, Dependencies, and more can be added and modified to create a personalized HR workflow.

Unique Features

  • Easily create tasks, assign roles, set dates & times, and track progress.
  • Intensive functionalities for making adjustments to your workflow.
  • Provide ready-to-use templates to quickly start any task.
  • Set up a central employee information resource to protect confidential data.
  • Allow a flexible environment for enhancing team collaboration.


❎ Overwhelming features for small team.

❎ Little number of HR-dedicated features.

❎ Beginner needs to face a big learning curve.

💸 Pricing

(A forever free option)
($7 per member per month)
($12 per member per month)

(Set your custom price)
100MB StorageBest for small teams
Everything in FREE FOREVER and,
Best for mid-sized teams
Everything in UNLIMITED and,
Best for many large teams
Everything in BUSINESS and,
Unlimited TasksUnlimited StorageGoogle SSOWhite Labeling
Unlimited Free Plan MembersUnlimited IntegrationsUnlimited TeamsAdvanced Permissions
Two-Factor AuthenticationUnlimited DashboardsCustom ExportingEnterprise API
Collaborative DocsGuests with PermissionsAdvanced Public SharingUnlimited Custom Roles
WhiteboardsUnlimited Gantt ChartsAdvanced AutomationsTeam Sharing for Spaces
Everything ViewUnlimited Custom FieldsAdvanced Dashboard FeaturesDefault Personal Views
Real-Time ChatColumn CalculationsAdvanced Time TrackingMSA & HIPAA Available
Kanban BoardsEmail in ClickUpGranular Time EstimatesSingle Sign-On (SSO)
Sprint ManagementTeams (User Groups)Workload ManagementLive Onboarding Training
Calendar ViewNative Time TrackingTimelines & Mind MapsCustomer Success Manager
In-App Video RecordingGoals & PortfoliosGoal FoldersAccess to Managed Services
24/7 SupportForm ViewAI CompatibleAI Compatible
Resource ManagementUS, EU & APAC Data Residency
Agile Reporting
AI Compatible



Another popular project management tool is nTask, and it’s got a ton of different options for HR teams. It helps greatly with team communication. You can also differentiate this project management software from others with unique features like issue-tracking capabilities.

Unique Features

  • Easily share project updates with everyone.
  • Facilitates document sharing and file management features.
  • Create multiple sup-tasks and set repeat tasks.
  • Set project milestones and optimize progress.
  • Set custom alerts for project costs.
  • Helps to calculate project budgeting.


❎ Not a dedicated HR project management software.

❎ Limited customization option.

❎ Mobile app needs improvement.

💸 Pricing

  • Premium: $4 Monthly. For individuals or teams just getting started with project management.
  • Business: $12 Monthly. For teams that need to create projects and plans with confidence.
  • Enterprise: Customize Plan. For teams that need customizations, enterprise-grade security, and advanced features.

Why Does the HR Management Team Need a Project Management Tool?

There are significant benefits to using HR project management software. It brings a breeze among all the stakeholders during the entire life cycle of a project.

➡️ To Eliminate Complications

Human resource management is not the same as producing or organizing a solid product. HR Professionals have to consider employee emotions and regional laws. Hence, there are always chances of raising complexities in tasks like payroll and performance assessments. However, human resources project management software helps bring transparency and accuracy in this area.

➡️ Better Task Management

An HR team needs to run multiple tasks simultaneously. Even if it’s just one job, you need to break it down into sub-tasks so you can assign them to different roles. So, there should be a structured management process for a successful outcome. For this, HR project management software comes with a task board from where one can assign or schedule tasks and show progress.

➡️ Strength Team Collaboration

The HR team must demonstrate a collective effort to bring a faster and more efficient result. For this, each member must be aligned with the project goals and communicate with each other. An HR project management software can maintain effective teamwork by keeping each stakeholder informed, providing a simplified interface, and showing all contributing members of a particular project. So there’s almost no misunderstanding.

➡️ Authentic Performance Assessments

One of the key areas of HR project management is evaluating employee performance. By taking software support, an organization can assess employee competency through data insights of a specific period. So, it is easier to come out with an accurate evaluation. Such a structured approach can gain the trust of the employee as well.

➡️ Employee Development

One of the common practices of human resources roles is ensuring the necessary employee development like providing learning resources, training details, and courses. But, they also need to determine the right type of development program based on employee qualification. Plus, scheduling of these development programs is also essential. For this solution, HR project management software includes timeline planning and employee scoring features.

➡️ Detailed Project Overview

You need to stay up to date on the status of your project. It helps with decision-making, time management, smooth workflow, project monitoring, budget allocation, and many more. A good HR project management software shows current data based on different views like Pie charts, bars, or calendars. Users can track a project’s completion with a progress bar and organized scenarios like pipeline and multi-steps.

➡️ Streamlined Administrative Operation

One of the major areas of HR work includes initiating and developing administering tasks. They have to coordinate payrolls, benefits, employee information, policy and compliance management, legal documentation, and many more. To smooth this procedure, HR project management software brings features like centralized storing of docs, sharing docs between team members, auto-generated templates, electronic signatures, etc.

Leveraging HR project management software benefits in many other ways compared to the above offerings. It effectively helps to utilize the best potential and make the best outcome of it. The main purpose of using one is to be more organized, transparent, collaborative, and accurate from the start to the end of a project.

Main things to know before Considering Project Management Software for the HR Team?

There are many options in the market when it comes to picking the best HR project management software. And, there isn’t any right or wrong way of choosing, rather you should always prioritize your own needs. 

However, one should remember the following attributes:

Organization Goals

You should never pick an HR project management software before defining your business or corporation’s future goals. For example, if you have future plans to increase the number of team members, you must not go for software that offers little functionality and is suitable for a startup or small team. Therefore, you should set your upcoming needs.

Special Features And Functionality

Businesses and organizations have their own ways of doing things. You may have a unique strategy or approach for completing the project. And, the software you are choosing must need to have supportive features or functionality for this specialization. So, you must check out the feature offerings.

User Friendliness 

Any project can be successful if you’re doing it at the right place. HR project management can become a daunting task with a complex dashboard. Therefore, you need to be aware of the user-friendliness of the platform. It should be intuitive and easy to handle.

Security And Storage

HR-related works compliance with sensitive data and information for employees and organizations. Thus, the human resources team should have a secured data storing system.


An HR project management software has to be integrated with various kinds of tools and software. Generally, the HR team has to cooperate with other teams. So it’s important to have a tool with integration with various communication, file storage, and other project management tools used by other teams.

Customer Support

The last worth-mentioning feature of a project management tool is customer support. It should have a dedicated support team. Nowadays, companies are using chatbots which often don’t understand your queries properly. So, make sure it has a dedicated support team.

Average Pricing of HR Project Management Software

One of the confusing areas of implementing an HR project management software is the pricing plan. You won’t see a shortcut answer to it. They can cost anywhere from $50  to a few hundred dollars.

Actually, it largely depends on the employee headcount and expected functions. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why HR project management tools can go up in price.

👉 Accessibility of different user types.

👉 The number of employees.

👉 Types of subscription plan (Monthly or Yearly)

👉 Selected features and functionalities.

👉 Number of integration with other tools.

👉 Level of customer support.

👉 AI compatibility.

Wrap Up!

We have analyzed all the human resources project management software in the market and narrowed it down to the top 10 best HR project management software based on key features, limitations, pricing, etc. Hopefully, it helps you to choose your best one.

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