10 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogging Websites in 2024 (Free & Pro)

Best WordPress plugins for blogging websites

When it comes to creating and maintaining your blogging website, having the right set of plugins can streamline your website’s functionality and performance. However, with thousands of options available, choosing the correct WordPress plugins for blogging websites might be overwhelming.

That’s why, we have curated the list of 10 best WordPress blogging plugins for you based on their features, opportunities, and speed. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger, adopting these plugins will take your blogging experience to a new height.

Why use WordPress blogging plugins?

WordPress plugins add additional features to smoothly run blogging websites without any coding skills. Currently, there are more than 60k plugins in the WordPress repository where some plugins are essential to run your blogging website.

Curious about why blogging plugins matter so much? Here are the top reasons for using blog plugins for WordPress:

  1. Boost website functionality: These WordPress plugins enhance website functionalities. Whether you want to improve SEO or optimize images, everything is possible with these blogging plugins.
  2. Customization facilities: These WordPress plugins for blogs come with limitless customization features that help to create an attractive blogging site.
  3. Time and cost efficiency: These WordPress plugins can save time, energy, and cost by eradicating custom development. As a result, you don’t have to hire a developer that will cut the hiring cost.
  4. Regular updates: WordPress is a large community of developers who continuously bring new features, update existing features, and fix bugs. These allow you to enjoy a smooth blogging experience.

Criteria for selecting the best WordPress blogging plugins

Random plugin selection can reduce your website performance. Plus, these plugins can slow down your website speed. That’s why you need to select the best WordPress blogging plugins after ensuring those stand the following criteria:

  1. Select a plugin that has positive reviews or feedback. This indicates good performance.
  2. Your selected plugins should be compatible with all the popular plugins.
  3. Plugin with great website performance or speed.
  4. Continuously updated and improved.
  5. These blogging plugins shouldn’t cause security issues.
  6. Plugins should provide great support and documentation.
  7. Select a blogging plugin with a friendly UI and UX.

10 best WordPress plugins for blogs

Go through the list of the best 10 WordPress blogging plugins that are selected based on their performance, functions, UI, and UX:


Jetpack, one of the best WordPress plugins for blogging websites

Jetpack is an essential WordPress security and backup plugin that protects your blogging site from all malware and security vulnerabilities. Besides, it can automatically back up your site and restore it with a single click. This WordPress plugin is also good for speed optimization. It can increase your blogging site speed and boost traffic.

Jetpack also comes with free downtime/ uptime monitoring. Furthermore, it automates plugin updates and ensures smooth site maintenance. This WordPress backup and security plugin also streamlines the site’s performance by helping visitors find the content they are looking for.

Key features:

  • It provides advanced site stats and analytics.
  • Automates social media posting.
  • PayPal and Stripe integration.
  • Google AMP partnership for great performance.
  • Jetpack helps in advertising to generate revenue.
  • Free brute force protection and speed monitoring.

Rank math

Rank Math, Best WordPress plugin for blogging

A WordPress SEO plugin is essential for any blogging website as it helps to optimize a website for higher search results. Here, Rank Math SEO plays a great role since it provides SEO suggestions for content optimization.

Besides, it shows a content score that indicates the possibility of ranking on Search Engines. This is one of the game changer WordPress plugins for blogging websites as it has an automatic keyword suggestion feature.

Rank Math has great compatibility with all the popular plugins. As a result, you don’t face compatibility issues while working with these plugins. This WordPress SEO plugin has every feature that is required for Search Engine Optimization.

Key Features:

  • Google keyword suggestion.
  • Unlimited keyword optimization feature.
  • Instant indexing on Google, Bing, and Yandex.
  • One-click imports from Yoast, AIO SEO, All In One Schema Rich Snippets, SEOPress, and Redirection.
  • Monitors 404 errors.
  • Suggestions for internal linking.
  • Role manager for controlling the access of employees.



Elementor is another important WordPress blogging plugin that helps to build and update your website without coding. This website builder comes with multiple free and pro widgets and features to create your blogging website. You can leverage these widgets by simply dragging and dropping.

Elementor shows a live preview of whatever edit you do. Again, Elementor is completely responsive to all devices. Moreover, language support is also available in Elementor.

Key Features:

  • 90+ free & premium widgets.
  • 59+ language support.
  • Control access through role manager.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Higher compatibility.
  • 24/7 support.


GetGenie, a WordPress Ai writer

GetGenie is an Ai writing assistant that can generate any type of content within a few seconds. Whether you want to write blog posts or social media copies, everything is possible using GetGenie. You can do keyword research and competitor analysis through its blog wizard template.

Besides, it shows content scores for your generated content and provides suggestions on how to optimize it. Moreover, its newly launched Ai chatbot can answer questions, share ideas, and chat like humans using its 22+ personalities.

Key features:

  • Blog post generator wizard.
  • Content score analysis.
  • Ai chatbot.
  • H2H Competitor analysis.
  • Ad copy generator.
  • Content optimization and regeneration.


MetForm, an essential WordPress plugin for blogging

MetForm is a drag and drop form builder that comes with numerous templates, widgets, and modules to build a WordPress form for your blogging website without any coding. You can collect leads for your blogging site through these forms. It’s one of the most advanced form builders through which you can create any form including registration, multi-step, and calculation form. It helps you to collect visitors feedback and boost engagement.

You can also build conditional forms by applying conditions on particular fields. Besides, it has integrations for general, CRM, and payment. As a result, you can build any type of form using this all-in-one form builder.

Key Features:

  • 60+ free and pro fields.
  • 15+ general, CRM, and payment integrations.
  • Confirmation emails for user registration.
  • It supports shortcodes.
  • Option to add auto-populate fields.

WP Social

WP Social, WordPress social media solution.

WP Social is a social share, counter, login, and customizer plugin which helps to boost social media engagement. This plugin lets your audience share blogs directly on their social media. It makes social sharing easier. This best WordPress blog plugin allows you to customize your login page and makes it attractive.

Also, it comes with attractive social media templates that make customization super easy. You can showcase the number of followers, subscribers, sharers etc on your blogging website using this WP Social plugin. These features make it one of the best Social solutions for your blogging website.

Key Features:

  • Option to share on 15 social media platforms.
  • 54+ pre-built social media templates.
  • 11 hover effects and 18 icon styles for the social counter.
  • 10+ templates for login page customization.


Want to prepare emails for your leads to take your website’s engagement to the next level, MailChimp plugin is here to help you. It lets you create attractive signup forms for your blogging website. Besides, MailChimp is compatible with all the popular plugins that are essential for blogging website. You can also send WooCommerce orders to MailChimp to find out who purchased and how much revenue you have earned. Therefore, MailChimp is a great solution for increasing the engagement of your blogging website.

Key Features:

  • Higher plugin compatibility.
  • Excellent device responsiveness.
  • MailChimp WooCommerce integration.
  • Built-in email templates.
  • 300+ integrations with popular tools.

Broken link checker

Broken Link Checker is an essential WordPress plugin for blogging websites that automatically find out and remove all the broken links on your website. You can enjoy scanning limitless pages and URLs while using this WordPress plugin. This must-have WordPress blogging plugin eliminates the errors of your website.

Apart from these, you can set a scanning schedule. It will scan on time and remove all the broken links from your site. Besides, you can export the complete data of your broken links as a CSV file. As a result, it can efficiently eliminate broken links from your site.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited page and url checking feature.
  • Error identification option.
  • Broken links and image identification.
  • Generate broken link reports.
  • Scan scheduling.
  • Export the broken link report.

Popup Maker

Popup Maker is one of the best WordPress plugins when it comes to creating attractive popups for your blogging website. Whether you want to generate exit intent or lead generation popup, anything is possible using this Popup Maker plugin. And, these popups help you to boost website engagement. It is also compatible with all the form plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, etc.

Furthermore, you can set conditions for your popups and make them attractive by using its Popup Editor feature. Also, scheduling and preparing analytics is possible with Popup Maker.

Key Features:

  • Popup editor for more personalized popups.
  • Condition setting option on popups.
  • Integrates with popular form plugins.
  • Analytics for popups.

WP Smush

Smush is a great solution for optimizing images and eliminating lazy loads from your blogging site. An unoptimized image can make your website slow and deteriorate the performance of your website. Here, Smush comes in handy.

Smush, the WordPress image optimizer can work with any file type. Moreover, it can compress images in any directory. Furthermore, it has higher compatibility with any theme, plugin, and page builder.

Key Features:

  • Resizing option for images.
  • Unlimited image optimization size up to 5 MB.
  • Compatible with any file type.
  • Automatic image compression.
  • Multiple site compatibility.
  • Location identification of unoptimized images.

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Wrapping up

Here you got the list of the best 10 WordPress plugins for blogging websites that can extensively improve your site performance and opportunities. So, go through all the above best WordPress blog plugins and utilize them to streamline the performance and maintenance of your blogging website.

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