Top Fancy Animated Text Plugins for WordPress Site

Top Fancy Animated Text Plugins for WordPress Site

Fancy animated text in elementor websites is a great way to enhance your site and draw attention to your content. There are wonderful plugins that provide a platform for scrolling or moving text with various colors. They help you to feature messages, announcements, and other important pieces of information on your page in an eye-catching way.  

But what specific features do the plugins have

Well, these tools give you full control over font size, colors, and animation choices to select. It customizes to match the branding and design of your WordPress site. You may also select from several preset effects, allowing you to achieve professional results with just a few clicks.   

Now is the time to make your content stand out and increase its visibility with an efficient text styling plugin. 

Read this blog and select your perfect plugin to apply the fancy animated text.

But before that, let’s explore why you would need to add animated texts to your Elementor-based WordPress websites:

What is the Importance of Animated Text in Elementor?

Humans are highly visual❗

So creating special looking texts has some interesting and major importance. Let’s learn some of them –

  • You can add attractive effects to convey a message, and add specific humor/emotion. So, a simple animation can highlight a particular message or draw attention to an important point.
  • Animation text effects are important for any video production based on screen-grabbing your website. They can be used to add visual interest and make the content of a video more appealing.
  • Text animation helps to convey complex ideas in a visually appealing way. 
  • Creative-looking headings and texts make your content stand out from others.
  • It can also help viewers to remember the content easily by reinforcing messaging and key points.

Top Fancy Animated Text Plugins for WordPress Site

Fancy Animated Text by ElementsKit

Create animated text in Elementor by ElementsKit

The ElementsKit Fancy Animated Text widget is a leading tool to add more visual interest and engagement to your WordPress content. It allows you to create smooth, and great-looking text. You can customize the style, color, animation speed, etc. to perfectly match and complement your website’s design. Also, emphasizing the important lines this widget helps to promote your products effortlessly!

This is a premium widget so you need to install ElementsKit pro to enjoy working with this wonderful widget. It will make your site stand out from the crowd and create a memorable experience for your visitors. You can definitely pick this latest plugin to give your text some spice and get creative quickly!

Pros Cons 🤔
Powerful Megamenu Builder.Some free widgets show restricted features.
Advanced parallax effect.There is no filter option for free and premium widgets while editing with Elementor.

Change your typical image shape with Best Elementor Image Masking Tools ✌️

Pricing Plan

Yearly Package

Personal- This plan is available at $39 and provides 1 site, 70+ addons, 500+ ready blocks, 25+ ready homepages, and many more.

Professional- The features here are 5 sites and all personal plan things which cost $87.

Agency- You will get unlimited sites and all other necessary features by paying $179.

Lifetime Package

Personal- The plan offers 1 site, 70+ addons, 500+ ready blocks, 25+ ready homepages, and so on at $119.

Professional- It provides 5 Sites at $259 along with other facilities of the personal plan.

Agency- With this amazing package, you will get unlimited sites and all the offers of a professional plan at $489.

Bundle Package

5-in-1 Yearly Pack- You will get $949 original value, a 1-year subscription, yearlong updates & support, unlimited sites, and many more at $499.

5-in-1 LTD Pack- You have to pay $899 and you will get $949 original value, lifetime subscription, lifetime updates & support, and unlimited sites, etc.

Animated Text by Happy Addons

Animated Text by Happy Addons

To add eye-catchy transition effects to your regular and dull texts this is another useful widget. This Animated Text Widget provides an exciting way to style your text differently. Your website will have an impactful appearance with its customizable and stylish animation effects.

You can try the free version of Happy Addons and check if you like it or not. Also, you have the chance to check the demos of the Animated Text Widget. Thus, you can understand what an upgrade it can provide you after buying it.

Pros Cons 🤔
Facility to copy and paste all the elements within cross-domain sites.
Not every theme and plugin has compatibility with Happy Addons.
You can make an advanced data table and also add a Google sheet to your website.The premade presets are only intended on the singular home page and landing page designs.

Pricing Plan

Annual Package

Starter- It offers 1 site All Widgets, Unlimited Section Nesting, Preset, etc. at $39

Professional- It provides 5 sites along with starter offers and so on at $89.

Business- You will enjoy 1000 sites and many facilities including the professional plan by purchasing this package at 189.

Lifetime Package

Here, the deals for starter, professional, and business are $149, $349, and $549 respectively. You will enjoy all the premium facilities within these three plans.

Fancy Text Widget by Premium Addons

Make animated text in Elementor with Fancy Text Widget by Premium Addons

The Premium Fancy Text Widget is another powerful tool that helps you to highlight important messages. You can position statements with animated text and headline effects with the widget perfectly. It is exclusively developed for Elementor Page Builder. The widget consists of very useful options to help you achieve your goal.

However, the widget is available in the free version of the plugin. So, testing the widget is free and painless. In less time without coding, you can get attractive-looking texts. 

ProsCons 🤔
It offers advanced global features.There is no WooCommerce widget.
You will get a display condition option to show/hide content dynamically.The pro packages offer fewer options to choose from. 

Pricing Plan

Single Use License- You will get a single website license, 1-year update, and support, etc. at $39

Unlimited Use License- This package costs $79 that consists of an unlimited websites license, 1-year update and support, and other offers of the single-use license.

Lifetime License- At $249, this amazing plan offers you an unlimited websites license,

lifetime updates, and support with many facilities that come a with one-time payment.

Animated Text by Exclusive Addons

Animated Text by Exclusive Addons to create fancy text.

Exclusive Addons’ Animated Text element is the perfect way to add an extra level of excitement to the texts. With its trendiness and impressive nature, your Elementor WordPress site will stand out attractively.

The widget is among the free widgets and extensions of Exclusive Addons. It is simple to use and customize. Try it and spark the users’ interest in your products!

Pros Cons 🤔
Trendy designs and a good number of features in the free version. There are only two free template page designs to test.
There is a nice section sticky option on-screen.None of the pro plans offer an unlimited site activation facility.

Pricing Plan

Annual Package

Starter- The plan provides 1 site activation, 1-year premium support, regular update for 1 year, and other attractive features at $39.

Exclusive- You will get 15 sites activation and other features of the starter plan at $99.

Business- It costs $189 and gives the same features as other plans along with 1000 sites activation.

Lifetime Package

There are personal and professional plans as lifetime packages. The personal plan provides 1 site activation at $109 with some premium features. The professional plan will give you 1000 sites activation at $499.

Heading Animation Text Widget by Posimyth

Heading Animation Text Widget by Posimyth

We have listed this last yet effective widget of The Plus Addons that is powered by Posimyth. The Heading Animation Text widget offers Elementor users an elite tool to display text with amazing typing animations. It consists of various styles, advanced customization options, and functionality.

The widget is available in the free plugin for your elementor site. You can test it and decide whether the plugin is worth the payment.

ProsCons 🤔
Free blog builder.The plugin is not very mobile responsive.
It allows you to converts any sections in carousel.Files are used to load without using the plugin.

Pricing Plan

Yearly Package

Starter- The plan is designed with 1 website, 120+ widgets & extensions, 1 year of regular plugin updates, and many more at $35

Professional- You have to pay $87 for 5 websites and all the same useful features of the starter plan. 

Studio- The studio package offers unlimited websites along with all required features at $118.

Lifetime Package

You will get many quality features with 1 website, 5 websites, and unlimited websites for a starter at $134, professional at $279, and business plan at $349 respectively. You will enjoy all the excellent facilities within these three plans.

Wrapping up

Animation texts are a brilliant technique to grab visitors’ attention on an elementor website. But not all the plugins and widgets are worth using. If you cannot work flexibly and the options are not useful, then it is not the right one.

Again, Elementor is a super responsive platform, and designing animated text in Elementor is worth it! So, choosing the suitable plugin for this popular builder is important to bring the exact result you want. 

We have presented the best tools for a quality user experience. You can try and utilize them to aesthetically emphasize key phrases or words. Hope, your users will communicate the meaning of the content in an accessible and attractive format!

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