Top Elementor Counter Plugins You Should Try

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To spark interest among your website visitors, counter plugins help you to highlight your most interesting stats. The top WordPress counter plugins offer different stylish and useful features. But which one is the best of them all?

Well, there are many free and premium counter plugins available for WordPress. They provide you with different customization options. You have to gather knowledge about the tools first. Based on your needs, you can choose the one that suits you best. 

Read this blog post and get ideas about some top counter plugins for your Elementor website.

Why Use an Elementor Counter Plugin?

A modern Elementor WordPress site needs various types of counters. Sometimes you need to display countdown times of a sale/event, show your statistical data, and display top achievements on your site. A counter plugin can help you achieve those goals. For example, you can use a counter plugin to show how much time is left until a special offer expires.

Moreover, Elementor site owners who have good styling sense and want to avoid a bad website design also consider using plugins. This is another reason you should use a right-featured WordPress visitor counter plugin.

Overall, a counter plugin helps you to add timers to your Elementor pages/posts and increase the interactivity and functionality of your site.

Top Elementor Counter Plugins You Should Check

There are different plugins on the online market that provides counter widgets. But, before selecting your WordPress counter plugin you must know which plugins perform well overall.

Let’s know such a few useful plugins…


The best WordPress counter plugin

ElementsKit is a great tool for anyone looking to take their Elementor-powered website to the next level. It presents you with a counter widget called Countdown Timer. This can be a very influential widget for you to grab the attention of your visitors.

Special Features

✅ Header & Footer Builder

✅ Megamenu Builder

✅ Advanced Tab

✅ Parallax Effect

✅Social Feeds

✅ 90+ More Addons & Modules

Why ElementsKit Countdown Timer?

You can use ElementsKit Countdown Timer to emphasize your efficiency to the site visitors. It has made displaying countdowns or timer modifications easy with attractive styles. 

Countdown Timer is an advanced widget, it gives an intuitive interface and extensive feature set. These have made the widget an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced web developers alike. It is undoubtedly a quality WordPress counter plugin.

So, if you want to draw your attention to the site visitors in a captivating way, ElementsKit is the top choice.


ElementsKit offers various reasonable packages for its users 🤩

The most recommended cost plans are –

Personal at $49Unlimited at $179Agency Lifetime at 4895-in-1 LTD Pack at $699
1 Year Support & Updates.
– 1 Site- 70+ Addons – 500+ Ready Blocks – 25+ Ready Home Pages – Header & Footer Builder – Megamenu Builder and many more.
1 Year Support & Updates.
Unlimited Siteswith all the functionalities of the personal plan.
Lifetime Support & Updates 
You will have all the same facilities of the unlimited plan.
Lifetime Subscription, Lifetime Updates & Support.
Here you will get all the premium features.  

Essential Addons

Essential Addons provides a WordPress counter plugin.

Essential Addons is a fantastic WordPress plugin that is designed with useful elements in the library. It aims to make your page-building and post-styling experience effortless. It has brought an easy-to-use counter widget for you named Counter.

Special Features

✅ 80+ Widgets

✅ 10+ Extensions

✅ 4000+ Ready Templates 

Why Essential Addons Counter?

EA Counter element is a standard widget that is handy and well-featured. It assists you to bring out your progress and display those successes easily. 

With the counter widget, You have the flexibility to customize the attractive counter layout with animations for an even more appealing look.


The plugin provides several types of cost plans. Here are some popular plans –

1 Website at $49Unlimited at $99Lifetime Unlimited at $249Agency Bundle Lifetime at $799
Activation on 1 site.
– 80+ Widgets- 10+ Extensions- Templately Pro: 1 Month, etc.
Unlimited Activation.
– You will get Templately Pro : 3 Months and the other functionalities are the same as the 1 website plan.
Unlimited Activation with Lifetime Support & Updates. 
– You will have all the same facilities of the unlimited plan with Templately Pro: 6 Months.
No Renewal Required and Lifetime Update & Support.
– It will give access to all the pro features.  

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons has a standard counter widget.

This is another Elementor plugin in our list. It consists of excellent customization options, third-party integrations, advanced versatile features, and so many things. With minimal effort, you can use this plugin to style your WordPress site.

Premium Counter is a standard addition of Premium Addons.

Special Features

✅ 34 PRO Widgets & Section Add-ons

✅ 400+ PRO Elementor Section Templates

✅ 5+ Elementor Global Features

✅ 25+ Free Widgets, etc.

Why Premium Counter?

The customizability and flawless design system have made the tool preferable. You can consider using the widget to display facts and figures with animations, icons, images, and other approaches. 


Single Use License at $39Unlimited Use License at $79Lifetime License at $249
– Single Website License with 1 Year Update and Support and other facilities.– Unlimited Websites License. 1 Year Update and Support and many other facilities.
– Unlimited Websites License. Lifetime Update and Support and many other facilities.

PowerPack Addons for Elementor

PowerPack gives you a quality counter widget

WordPress site owners also like PowerPack to decorate their sites. It offers creative widgets and saves a huge time. With reliable products, it also gives professional support. This plugin also presents a Elementor Counter Widget. If you need a WordPress counter plugin, check this out!

Special Features

✅ Cross Domain Copy Paste

✅ 70+ Elementor Widgets

✅ 150+ Section & Page Templates

✅ White Label PowerPack, and more.

Why PowerPack Addons Counter Widget?

If you are looking for a quick counter plugin then it can be the ideal addition to your site. You can practice showing your milestones beautifully with the exclusive features. 


StarterExpertAgency Ultimate
AnnualSingle Site – 1 Year at $49
-WooCommerce Widgets- Cross -Domain Copy Paste- 70+ Elementor Widgets etc.
25 Sites – 1 Year at $99
All the facilities are the same. 
1000 Sites – 1 Year at $149
All the facilities are the same. 
Unlimited Sites – 1 Yearat $199
All the facilities are the same. 
LifetimeSingle Site – Lifetime at $110
-All the facilities are the same. 
25 Sites – Lifetime at $210
-All the facilities are the same. 
1000 Sites – Lifetime at $310
-All the facilities are the same. 
Unlimited Sites – Lifetime at $410
-All the facilities are the same. 

HT Mega

HT Mega is a good elementor counter widget

To finish the list of best Elementor counter widget, you can take this latest plugin for your site. It is an absolute package to create a professional WordPress website.  With HT Mega, you can supercharge your page-building tasks flexibly and quickly.

Special Features

✅ 84+ Widgets

✅ 760+ Elementor Blocks

✅ 360+ Ready-made Blocks

✅ 170+ Page Templates

Why HT Counter Widget?

HT Counter is another choice for you to create a timer that accurately fits your brand identity. Like other quality counter widgets, you will get all the necessary features to design based on your demands.


One Year1 Website, 1 Year Support and Update at $59
-110+ Widgets- 8 Essential Modules- 760+ blocks and so on.
5 Websites, 1 Year Support and Update at $115
All the facilities are the same. 
999 Websites, 1 Year Support and Update at $165
All the facilities are the same. 
One Time1 Website, Free Support and Update at $99
-All the facilities are the same. 
5 Sites, Free Support and Update at $298
-All the facilities are the same. 
999 Sites, Free Support and Update at $398
-All the facilities are the same. 

Choose Your WordPress Counter Plugin

Hope you liked the list! 🔥

To form an eye-catching countdown timer or show stats a visitor counter is all you need. The plugins we have discussed above are all well-featured. You just have to study the features and select which one is good for you. 

However, as a WordPress plugin plays a great role, don’t forget to pick a good plugin for your site.

ElementsKit is an all-in-one addons for Elementor. It gives you the finest WordPress counter plugin 👌

If you like to test the excellent Countdown Timer by ElementsKit, Check it out now!

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