5 Best WooCommerce Deposits Plugin to Make Payment in Installment

Best WooCommerce deposits plugins

Looking for the best WooCommerce Deposits plugin for making your payment system more flexible and easy for your customers? If yes then check out this blog for getting the best WooCommerce deposits plugin.

The payment system is one of the vital reasons behind the decreasing sales and conversions. It is very necessary to facilitate the payment system for the sake of your customers which will eventually increase sales and conversions.

In this case, the best option is to provide the partial payment system along with the full payment. And, to add this system, you have to use a WooCommerce deposits plugin. Here in this blog, you will get a list of the 5 best WooCommerce deposits plugins with their detailed description.

What is a WooCommerce deposits plugin?

A WooCommerce deposits plugin is an advanced plugin of WordPress that will allow you to add a partial payment facility to your eCommerce site and let your customers make payments in installments. Because of this payment system, you can generate more revenue than before.

Apart from this, WooCommerce partial payment offers lots of other benefits that can grow your online store faster. Want to find out more advantages of adding a partial payment system? Then don’t skip the next section where you will get to know why your online store need this so badly.

Why should you add a partial payment to your eCommerce store?

benefits of adding partial payment

A partial payment is unique and at the same time can be turned into a very useful feature for your online store. Because it will enhance the revenue of your online store by gaining customer’s trust.

Besides, it will not only increase revenue but also you will get other benefits by adding partial payment to your store. Here are some of the advantages that this payment system will offer:

  • This can boost sales as your new customer will have the courage to shop from your store after seeing this facility. The reason behind this is that people don’t want to take risks with a large amount of money. That’s why after seeing this facility, they will act without hesitation.
  • It makes your online shop different from other stores. As a result, your customers can differentiate your shop from others.
  • Partial payment will reduce the decision making time of your customers by letting them pay in installments.
  • This system will provide a better shopping experience to your customers that will encourage your customers to share reviews with their relatives and friends. Thus this partial payment system results in word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Your customers can buy products at the end of the month or in times of crisis for adding this partial payment system.

These are the benefits of adding a partial payment system to your eCommerce store. Now here comes the question of which plugin to use to add this partial payment system. Take a look at the next section for getting your answer.

5 Best WooCommerce deposits plugins to add a partial payment system

Here you will find the top 5 WooCommerce partial payment plugins along with their short description, advanced features, customer review, etc. So, go through each WooCommerce deposits plugin very carefully and select which one you want to use for your eCommerce store.

Partial Payment by ShopEngine:

Best WooCommerce partial payment plugin

ShopEngine is a fully customizable WooCommerce page builder from where you will find all your WooCommerce solutions along with adding a partial payment system. This WooCommerce partial payment plugin will let you easily add a partial payment system with a few clicks.

Besides, this premium feature comes with a premium package. But, the good news is that with a premium package you will get lots of advanced WooCommerce facilities that will enhance your customer’s shopping experience and encourage them to promote your store to their relatives.

Some Highlighted features of partial payment by ShopEngine:

  • It will let you choose a partial payment type. For example, you can set a fixed amount or percentage depending on your needs.
  • You can set the amount your customers need to pay at the first installment.
  • Partial payment by ShopEngine has the option to hide the payment method on the first checkout. It will appear during the second transaction.
  • It will let you customize the time of doing the second transaction after completing the first one. In addition to that, ShopEngine will send a mail to your customers to pay the second and final one.
  • With ShopEngine, you can add a partial payment to any product you like.

Quick overview:

  • WordPress.org rating: 4.5
  • Active Installation: 10,000
  • Update status: Frequently
  • Support: Dedicated and multi-language support.
  • Price: $59/ year for a single site.


Bayna WooCommerce deposits plugin

Bayna is a dedicated free WooCommerce partial payment plugin that will provide your customers a fine shopping experience by adding a partial payment service to your eCommerce store. This plugin will let you offer loyal and trustworthy service to your customers.

Since Bayna is a dedicated deposits plugin you can’t use it for other WooCommerce purposes. It will only make your payment system better and easier which will increase the conversion rate. Moreover, it has lots of free and premium features to offer. Let’s check out those features:

Some highlighted features of Bayna:

  • It will let you set fixed and percentage deposits.
  • You can facilitate your customers by allowing them to add deposits and regular products in the same order. Also, restrict them if you want.
  • This plugin supports all WooCommerce payment methods and also offline payment.
  • Customers can decide if they want to pay the full or partial for their orders.
  • After a few days, you can cancel the order of the pending deposits. And, the days can be customized by you.
  • Bayna sends sortable deposits report to the admin.
  • You can change the radio box style.

Quick Overview:

  • WordPress.org rating: 5
  • Active Installation: 2,000
  • Update status: Less frequent
  • Support: Good support team.
  • Price: $69/ year for a single site.

Deposits & Partial Payments for WooCommerce:

Deposits & partial payments for WooCommerce

This free WooCommerce deposits plugin will let you set both deposits and partial payments for products. Besides, you can add and remove deposits or partial payments with a single click. It will bring no hassle as it is a super beginner-friendly plugin.

Moreover, you can control the payment system with this plugin. For example, you will be able to remove the deposits facility for unauthenticated customers. On top of that, you can disable some payment gateways for deposit orders.

Some highlighted features of Deposits and Partial Payments for WooCommerce:

  • It is a translation-ready and fully customized WooCommerce free deposits plugin.
  • For pending payments, it sends email reminders to shoppers.
  • Both admin and clients get email notifications during deposits creation/ payments.
  • You can set a schedule for payment.
  • With it, you can enable deposits on checkout.
  • It has an option to enable and disable deposits payment for specific products.

Quick Overview:

  • WordPress.org rating: 5
  • Active Installation: 700
  • Update status: frequently updated
  • Support: Good support team
  • Price: $49/ year for a single site.

WooCommerce Deposits:

WooCommerce Deposits to add partial payment

WooCommerce Deposits is an extension of WooCommerce that lets you add deposits to each product. This extension will provide both deposit and full payment options so that your customers can choose which payment system they want.

Also, this WooCommerce extension for deposits will guide your customers during completing deposits payment. Besides, you will get premium support, and a 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like this extension.

Some highlighted features of WooCommerce Deposits:

  • You can customize payment schedules with WooCommerce Deposits.
  • Customers can choose whether they want to pay the full amount or with a deposit.
  • Checkout flow is super easy that can be understood by any customer.

Quick Overview:

  • Updated status: Frequently updated.
  • Support: WooCommerce support team.
  • Price: $179/ year.

WooCommerce Deposits & Part Payments:

WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments

If you want a dedicated WooCommerce deposits plugin for your eCommerce site then, surely you can try the WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments plugin. It will make the eCommerce payment system smooth and flexible.

You can customize the payment system like you can add a discount on full payment, set the deposit or part payment on specific products, etc. As it is a non-coded and user-friendly plugin, a non-techy person can also add partial payment with this plugin.

Some highlighted features of WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments:

  • You can add discounts on full payment.
  • It automatically schedules the final payment. As a result, you don’t need to take the hassle.
  • Easy settings, you don’t need to be an expert for using this plugin.
  • This plugin has an option to take both percentage and fixed payments.

Quick Overview:

  • Updated status: Frequently updated.
  • Support: Good support team.
  • Price: $49/ year for a single site.

Which WooCommerce deposits plugin will be the best for you?

Congratulations! You have figured out the 5 best WooCommerce deposits plugins from the above list. But, there still remains one confusion and that is which plugin to choose among them. All the listed plugins are suitable for adding a partial payment system.

One thing to note is that all the above-listed plugins are dedicated plugins for adding a partial payment facility except ShopEngine. Here dedicated means these plugins are used for single-purpose. You can’t use these plugins for other WooCommerce functions.

Only ShopEngine will be able to serve you for multiple WooCommerce activities. As a result, this one plugin can replace 10 more plugins and it will be enough for your eCommerce site. Because of using ShopEngine, your website performance will not be harmed at all since it is a lightly coded plugin. That’s why ShopEngine is the best option among them.

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