10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2023

10 best WordPress Plugins

Converting your website visitors into subscribers is not easy. But adding a clean and user-friendly popup on the landing page can change the game. If you are using WordPress CMS, you can effortlessly integrate the feature just by using a popup plugin rather than writing codes.

Though it is easy to install and activate a pop-up plugin for WordPress, it won’t be beneficial unless you choose the right plugin.

So, how can you tell which one is the best WordPress popular plugin? Well, you need to perform deep research to find out the best one from a bunch of plugins.

The good thing is, I have already picked the top 10 plugins to add popup window in WordPress.

Check out the detailed comparison and make your decision.

What is a WordPress Popup plugin?

WordPress popup plugin is a type of plugin to show popups in a WordPress website without coding. A WordPress popup plugin allows users to integrate a popup window for any web page without coding. Most popup plugins come with ready templates that are highly customizable. With the right plugin, users can increase the conversion rate of lead collection.

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins In this Year

If you just search for WordPress popup plugins, you will have tons of options. The fact is, all of them are not going to add value to your website. The wrong selection can give a bad user experience.

Some plugins might have bugs, or maybe the plugin doesn’t support all kinds of WordPress environments.

After vigorous research, we finally have chosen the top 10 WordPress popup plugins. Check out the details.

Popup Builder by ElementsKit

If you are looking for the best WordPress Elementor popup, ElementsKit should be your choice. 

ElementsKit is an Elementor addon, which is the perfect solution to design any kind of website from scratch but without coding. Regardless of the purpose of the website, you can design it just by dragging and dropping the pre-built templates and widgets. Whether you are using the free version or the pro version of Elementor, you can use ElementsKit.

ElementsKit to make Popup

A very special feature of ElementsKit is its modal popup widget. Choose the page where you do want to add the popup and select edit with Elementor. Search for a modal popup in the widget library of ElementsKit. Drag and drop the widget on the page and now customize it according to your need.

While adding the popup, you can add conditions to display the popup after a certain time. Also, you can add a wide range of elements for the popup – images, videos, custom fields, and more. It helps to design the popup according to the audience group that increases the conversion rate.

You can use the widget for a popup to collect leads, show discount offers for the visitors, add an image popup to display special features, and more. Once you have ElementsKit, you don’t need an individual WordPress modal plugin, which could be costly. 

Top Features

  • Highly customizable popup widget
  • Tons of elements to add in the popup
  • Ready templates to instantly design a highly converting popup
  • Advanced parallax effect without coding
  • Additional features like mega menu, ready header-footer, and more

Ninja Popups

Ninja popup is a dedicated plugin to add popups for WordPress websites. If you have a separate budget to buy a premium plugin, you can try this. However, you can only add a popup with this plugin, nothing else.

Ninja popup maker

Ninja popup allows users to add popups with pre-built templates. You can simply choose the right template and the popup for the targeted page. While adding the popup, you can set different conditions to load the popup. 

https://sproutsocial.com/insights/free-email-marketing-tools/For instance, if you want to show the popup once the reader scrolls a particular percent of the page, you can do that. The plugin supports most of the third-party email marketing tools and you can see the stats inside the plugin.

Another fact is, the plugin helps to stay in trend. You will find all the popular color schemes, layouts, and more in it. 

Top Features

  • Comes with ready templates to use
  • Customizable to get the right style
  • Supports third-party integration
  • Doesn’t require technical knowledge to use


TrustPulse is a premium versatile app for sales and marketing campaigns. One of its popular features is adding a popup. You can show the popup in a wide range of styles. For instance, you can integrate a trigger and create urgency to take an action.

TrustPulse popup maker

Though the plugin has a wide range of features, you can easily integrate the popup for the page. From the plugin dashboard, choose the popup option and customize the page according to your need.

If you have a social proof for your products or posts, you can add that using TrustPulse to increase the conversion rate.

The benefit of the plugin is, you can use the same plugin for some other purposes of your marketing campaign along with the popup.

Top Features

  • Fast loading speed for better user experience
  • Easy installation without coding
  • Supports for WordPress and other CMS
  • Relatively easy to use for the popup


Unlike ElementsKit and TrustPulse, Bloom is a standalone popup plugin. It features a user-friendly popup made for webmasters. Everything you do with the plugin, there won’t be any need for coding or any technical knowledge.

Bloom popup maker

Select the Call to Action Module from the settings and you will get the layout for the popup. Now drag and drop the sections on the page that you want and start editing. Add new fields for the popup if you need.

There are multiple templates available for popup making. If you don’t want to design the popup from scratch, simply choose the template that you like and start designing the popup according to your need.

Besides showing the popup on your own web page, you can integrate it with email marketing service providers.

Top Features

  • It allows to filter out pages for the popup
  • Elegant designs for templates
  • Features automatic opt-in pop-up
  • Allows to set conditions for the popup

Popup Maker

Popup maker is a dedicated pop-up plugin for WordPress, which has both free and premium versions. The free version offers only the basic features and you can design some common popup for your WordPress websites.

Popup maker plugin

However, the unique feature of the free version is, you can copy and paste forms that are created by email marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

While adding the popup for the website, you can set different conditions. For instance, if you want to show the popup after a certain time, go to the delay settings and set it accordingly.

The free version offers enough features to design a conventional popup for WordPress websites. If you want to go for a few extra miles and some other customization options, go for the upgraded version.

Top Features

  • Popups for a wide range of purposes
  • Suitable to show coupon offers at ease
  • Features smart conditions to show/hide the popup
  • Can copy and paste forms from third-party websites

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a feature of Thrive themes. Thrive theme is used to be known for designing landing pages, website building, and many more. If you want to design versatile popups for your WordPress website, you can try the Thrive leads option.

Thrive Leads popup maker

Using Thrive Leads, you can design a popup from scratch. Just drag the essential fields and drop them on the page. To do this, go to the Thrive Themes dashboard and select the thrive leads from the options panel. You can either choose the templates or choose the options from the dashboard.

Though the Thrive theme will cost you in the beginning, you are going to enjoy the premium features. It allows users to show the popup in versatile styles. 

The main benefit of getting Thrive theme subscription is, you will enjoy versatile features in one place. In one place, you can browse everything and integrate the features according to your need.

Top Features

  • Shows detailed stat and features
  • Tons of pre-designed templates to implement popup
  • User-friendly pop-up styles to capture more leads
  • Easy to customize the layout and need zero coding knowledge


If your main concern is just adding a simple popup for the website, Sumo could be the best option. The plugin is easy to use, and regardless of your experience with WordPress, you will find it easy to integrate a popup.

Sumo popup maker

The plugin mostly suits bloggers and product owners who want to grow the email subscriber list. You can easily integrate the popup in a user-friendly way so that the readers feel to give their email and subscribe for regular posts. 

Also, collect the data from the popups by integrating third-party tools like MailChimp, AWeber, etc. 

Besides designing stunning popups, the plugin has the option to add forms and perform A/B testing for the forms. If you are running a big-budget campaign, the A/B testing will help a lot.

Top Features

  • Offers multiple opt-in form styles
  • You can check stats for the forms
  • Suitable to perform A/B testing for campaigns
  • Easy to connect email marketing platforms


OptinMonster is a premium WordPress plugin software for lead generation. You can add stunning pop-ups that get users’ trust and help to grow the email list faster. The software comes with an easy-to-understand dashboard that will make your work easier.

OptinMonster popup maker

The interesting feature is, you can collect the emails or other data and analyze them inside the plugin dashboard. So, when a campaign is ongoing, it becomes easy to scale up.

While showing popups, you can use different conditions for it. For instance, you can use a rule to show the popup only when someone scrolls up to a certain level. Similarly, you can set the pages where you do want to show the popup.

In terms of ease of use, it will make you happy. There are no technical difficulties in the process except analytics. Also, there are no free options.

Top Features

  • Comes with ready templates to use as a popup
  • Easy to integrate GDPR consent
  • Advanced targeting option to get more leads
  • Hassle free tracking of the campaign progress

Elementor Pro

If you already have access to Elementor Pro, or you are determined to take the premium subscription, the Pro version will be good enough to integrate popups for WordPress websites. However, if you don’t have access, you need to purchase a subscription.

Elementor Pro popup maker

The benefit of the plugin is, you will get everything pre-built. Whether you want to design the popup from scratch or with templates, it will be easy. Particularly, for beginners, Elementor Pro is a good option to start with.

Once you install the plugin, simply go to the dashboard, choose a new page to edit, and integrate the fields that you want for the popup.

You can design full-screen popups, modals, slide-in, etc. From the plugin dashboard, you can select whether you want to show the pop ups for the entire website or just for a particular page.

Top Features

  • Ready templates to use for the popup
  • Easy to understand dashboard with tons of widgets
  • Allows to integrate CRM and email marketing tools
  • Multiple layouts for the popup


HubSpot is a versatile tool to run successful marketing campaigns. One of its popular features is adding popups for websites. Also, one can use a wide range of forms to collect user data for remarketing, add forms for events, and many more.

HubSpot popup maker

The plugin comes in a clean and user-friendly dashboard. There is no need for any technical steps to add the popup. Simply go to the dashboard, navigate to the popup builder, and design one according to your need.

Once you successfully add a popup, the plugin allows you to check the leads inside the dashboard, analyze the data, and optimize the popup for more leads.

You can use different ready templates from its template library, or design one from scratch by dragging and dropping the essential fields.

Top Features

  • Free to start with the basic features
  • Easy to customize the popups and perform testing
  • Ready templates to design forms in no time
  • Analytics to check the performance of the popup

Benefits of Using a Popup Plugin

Are you wondering why you should use a popup plugin? Well, here are the advantages of using a popup plugin –

  • Doesn’t require a single code to integrate the contact form
  • Helps to collect user data in an effective way
  • Highly customizable even for beginners
  • Helps to grow the email list faster for further growth of the website

What to Consider to Choose the Best Popup Plugin for WordPress?

As mentioned earlier, you will have tons of options, and choosing the right one could be tricky. Don’t ever fall into a trap of demo pages. The page you are seeing in a product page might not appear the same for your website.

Consider the following things while finalizing a popup plugin –

Ease of Use

Your goal is to integrate a contact form popup or any other popup for your website without coding, right? It means you don’t want anything complex. Though none of the popup plugins need codes, still it could be confusing for you. It mostly happens when you have chosen a plugin that doesn’t have user-friendly navigation. Avoid such plugins and find something easy to understand. 

Highly Customizable

Remember that there is no universal layout for a popup that goes for all websites. Instead, the layout should be according to the type of users, your conversion goal, and many more. You might have to customize the plugin according to your need. So, when trying to find the best WordPress popup plugin, 

Fast Loading Speed

Just using a popup plugin won’t help much to convert the readers into traffic. It should have a fast loading speed and the codes should be minimal. If possible, check for the loading speed of the popup. It shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load the web page.

So, What is the best popup plugin for Elementor WordPress?

If you have gone thoroughly to this blog, you must have found that ElementsKit would be the best solution for any website. Besides the popup plugin option, you will enjoy tons of other features that help to design the ultimate user-friendly website. 

Regardless of your experience with plugins, you will find it easy to integrate popups for your website. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do all popup plugins work with Elementor?

Most popup plugins support Elementor. If you want to have the best experience with popup plugins as well as Elementor, ElemensKit should be your choice. It is an Elementor Addon that works with both free and pro versions of Elementor. 

How do I create a pop-up Elementor in WordPress?

There are two options while you want to create a pop-up in Elementor. Either use the Popup builder of Elementor or use a plugin that supports editing with Elementor. 

How do I make an image pop up in WordPress?

Whichever plugin you are using to add the popup, you will mostly find an option to add images along with texts. If you want only to add the image popup, select the image for the popup and check the preview. If it looks okay, finalize it.

How do I check the stat of the performance of the popup?

If you are using an app like Sumo, you can check the popup performance inside the app dashboard. Also, by connecting the popup with a third-party email marketing tool, you can track the performance of the popup.

Final Words

So, it should now be easy for you to show a popup on your WordPress website. Whichever WordPress popup plugin you choose from the above list, consider some extra features. Because spending time and money just to add only a popup is not a feasible idea. Check for some additional options like designing landing pages, adding opt-in forms, etc.

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