20+ Best Software Companies in Bangladesh Right Now!

A recent report of GitHub, released on January 18, claims that Bangladesh got a 66.5% growth in GitHub developer accounts between Q3 2022 and Q3 2023. So, it clearly distinguishes Bangladesh from other rapidly growing tech economies, including Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, and India, among others.

Furthermore, the nation’s software sector is experiencing explosive growth. Many tech ventures and companies are continually contributing to our country’s economic development — gaining international recognition for their expertise and innovation.

It seems that Bangladeshi tech enthusiasts have taken the challenge to do the magic with brilliant software. As Bill Gates said –

“Software is the invisible magic that makes the world a better place.”

Want to know about the dynamic world of those Bangladeshi software companies? In this blog, we will present a list of them for you!

Read the blog and tell us which is the Top Software Company in Bangladesh according to you. 😎

Top software companies in Bangladesh to Look out for…

Day by day, Bangladesh is positioning itself as a key player in the global tech landscape. Here are some of the top software companies that have made their mark in the tech landscape of this country. 👇


XpeedStudio is the number one software company in Bangladesh

XpeedStudio is the best software development company in Bangladesh that has achieved much recognition and respect within a short time. The company started its journey under the leadership of Ataur R, in 2013. XpeedStudio takes web solutions to the next level with AI, Machine Learning, SaaS, Mobile Applications, and top-of-the-line apps.

The company delivers user-friendly experiences for millions of happy users, from small businesses to major enterprises. Their portfolio includes popular tools like ElementsKit (with 1 million+ users), ShopEngine, and GetGenie AI — dominating the WordPress and SaaS spaces and beyond. 

XpeedStudio is not just building software, it’s building the future of the web.

Company Summary

Company Name – XpeedStudio
Establishment – 2013
Employees – 60+
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday
Products – ElementsKit, ShopEngine, GetGenie, Metform, WP Social, WP Ultimate Review, FundEngine.
Tech Stack – PHP, ReactJS, NodeJS, OpenAI GPT-3, Google NLP, Docker, Ionic, and PuppeteerJs.

Brainstation 23

Branstation 23 has contributed the software industry of Bangladesh

Brainstation-23 has rocketed to become a leading software development company in Bangladesh, renowned for its exceptional speed, creativity, and success. Its expertise in Software & IT solutions extends to over 25 countries, with active partnerships in powerhouses like Germany, the USA, Norway, and beyond.

The company has a wonderful homegrown success story. Brainstation-23 has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses looking to innovate and grow in the digital age.   

From Bangladesh’s own Grameenphone to global giants like Citibank and British American Tobacco, Brainstation-23 caters to a prestigious clientele. 

Company Summary

Company Name – Brainstation-23
Establishment – 2006
Employees – 700+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Services – Adobe Experience Manager, Banking Solution, Mobile App Development, AR-VR Solution, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, Game Studio, Cloud & Cyber Security, ERP, E-commerce Solution, SharePoint Services, Data Science & Business Intelligence, ML & AI, Software Testing as Service.


Ollyo is a famous software company in Bangladesh

In 2010, Ollyo started its journey as JoomShaper. Over the years, the company has developed several Joomla products including SP Page Builder, a Joomla page builder, Helix, a Joomla template framework, and over 30 Joomla extensions.

Later, the company launched Themeum in 2013, and in 2018, it entered the WordPress plugin industry. Recently the company got the new name Ollyo, all the brands operate under it. With strong team members and recognized products, the company works to add value to the tech industry. Thus it became the best software company in Bangladesh.

Company Summary

Company Name – Ollyo  
Establishment – 2010
Employees – 150+ 
Working Days – Monday To Friday   
Products – Helix, WP Crowdfunding, Qubely, Skillate, Baker, Tutor Starter, SP Page Builder, Droip, Tutor LMS.


weDevs is a popular software company in Bangladesh

In 2008, weDevs started as a small blog where it talked about website building and helped people solve problems. After a while, in 2012, they launched their company focused on building tools for WordPress websites. It faced many challenges and became a successful company creating WordPress products.

Today, weDevs offers many helpful tools like Dokan Multivendor, WP User Frontend, and WP Project Manager, to name a few. The company has over 90,000 users and businesses who trust it to build and manage their websites.

Company Summary

Company Name – weDevs  
Establishment – 2012
Employees – 90+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Products – Dokan, WP ERP, weMail, Appsero, FlyWP, WP User Frontend, etc.


Empowering businesses to thrive online, WPDeveloper is another dedicated software company. From crafting exceptional WordPress plugins to SaaS solutions, it has changed the product-building experience.

When talking about the services, WPDeveloper always prioritizes a user-centric approach. The handy tools and faster support inspire the users to focus on growth. Thus, the company successfully made 6 million+ happy users from 180+ countries till now.

Company Summary

Company Name – WPDeveloper
Establishment – 2012
Employees – 50+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Products – Essential Addons, Templately, Betterdocs, Essential  Blocks For Gutenberg, Better Payment, NotificationX, SchedulePress, Betterlinks, etc.


Vivasoft is among the leading software companies in Bangladesh

Vivasoft is Bangladesh’s another famous software company. It was established in 2016. On this latest digital trek, it has conquered 70+ projects offering expertise in different software development solutions. The highly motivated team delivers solutions through team augmentation, offshore office expansion, MVP service, and end-to-end development. Whether you need skilled reinforcements, or a hand from start to finish, Vivasoft guides you to gain your software’s success. 

Company Summary

Company Name – Vivasoft 
Establishment – 2016
Employees – 70+ 
Working Days – Monday To Friday    
Products & Services – Payroll management software, accounting software, and finance software designed for small and medium enterprises. It also offers Team augmentation, offshore services, MVP, and end-to-end development.
Tech Stack – GO, Flutter, Python, Angular, React, Vue JS, Java,  Dotnet, Azure 


Enosis is among the best software companies in Bangladesh

Here is another leading company, in crafting exceptional software solutions, you can consider Enosis as a great choice. The team of skilled engineers brings websites, desktop applications, and mobile apps to life. tailored to each client’s needs.

From the start of the journey, Enosis worked with businesses of all sizes and tailored many projects. Across the United States and Canada, the company has also spread its operational efficiency.

Company Summary

Company Name – Enosis
Employees – 200+ 
Working Days – Monday To Friday   
Products & Services – Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Quality Assurance & Testing.
Tech Stack – Java, Python, React, Angular, Vue JS,  Dotnet.


Tiger IT is a recognized software company in Bangladesh

TigerIT was founded in 2000. It is a professional shop for governments and large organizations to manage credentials securely and efficiently. The company blends different elements of cutting-edge design, dependable backend systems, and smooth project management into a complete package for national IT infrastructure projects.

Moreover, TigerIT has experience not only in Bangladesh but also in foreign countries. It works with Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Canada. Overall, it is an expert in navigating the complexities of large-scale projects.

Company Summary

Company Name – TigerIT  
Establishment – 2000
Employees – 450+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Products and Services –  Systems for national IDs, voter registration, e-passports, border control, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registration with tracking. It also integrates various third-party hardware and software with existing systems,  providing identity management solutions for banks, telecom companies, and multinational corporations.


Cafelo is an excellent software company in Bangladesh

This is a Norwegian software company that has offices in Bangladesh. Since 2010, Cefalo has bridged the gap between Norwegian businesses and Bangladesh’s booming tech industry.

Cefalo specializes in placing highly skilled Bangladeshi software developers with Norwegian companies seeking long-term, full-time hires. It provides different types of software development, maintenance, and testing services. However, the company offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for all of its customers.

Company Summary

Company Name – Cefalo 
Establishment – 2010
Employees – 450+ 
Working Days – Monday To Friday   
Services – Attracts highly skilled developers and offers a wide range of software development, maintenance, and testing services.


Leadsoft is among the top software companies in Bangladesh

LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited is a subsidiary of Leads Corporation Limited. If you are in search of powerful software solutions for your business, you can check their works.

The company has offered a variety of enterprise software solutions for years. Among their services, there are ERP systems, HR management software, and document management systems. Their dedication to quality and customer focus has helped them serve over 100 clients with more than 500 installations across Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark, and Norway. However, LeadSoft is a good choice for robust core banking solutions.

Company Summary

Company Name – LeadSoft
Establishment – 1992
Employees – 450+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Services – Email, SMS, and Phone Calls, Contact & Lead Management, Calendar Appointment Setting, Recruiting, etc.


BJIT is a popular IT consulting firm in Bangladesh

BJIT has been serving for over 12 years in this industry. It is an award-winning global IT company formed through a joint Japanese-Bangladeshi venture.

BJIT’s team of over 750 highly skilled engineers and developers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Also, the company is a trusted partner to industry giants like Google, Panasonic, and Sony. What truly sets BJIT apart is its commitment to exceptional service. The company is a fantastic pick for the work quality, cost-effectiveness, and maintaining a positive approach throughout every project.

Company Summary

Company Name – BJIT 
Establishment – 2001
Employees – 500+ 
Services – Custom software design and development, QA and Test automation, Application management services (AMS), DevOps solutions and services, Embedded solutions and VLSI CAD, Cyber security, etc.

Dream 71 Bangladesh

Dream 71 is a well-known software company in Bangladesh

Born from the dreams of young minds, Dream71 Bangladesh is a rising software company in Bangladesh. To take your ideas flight, it helps to create cutting-edge mobile apps, web applications, and games.

The company has 20+ tech partners and has completed 20+ projects till now. It offers a collaborative and rewarding work environment. Dream71 aims to build a new standard in the era of software technology.

Company Summary

Company Name – Dream71 Bangladesh  
Establishment – 2014
Employees – 50+   
Services – E-Governance, IOS APP development, Android APP development, Software development, Digital marketing, Multimedia content development, Game development.
Products – Pocket Sales71, People Book HR, Budget management system, Library management system, ITRacker71.

South Tech

Southtech has contributed to the software industry in Bangladesh

Southtech is a software company in Bangladesh that has been serving for over 26 years. Southtech started its amazing journey as a small team of 4. Now, it is a passionate family of over 90 members. Today, it is known for its creativity and top-quality global ICT solutions.

Southtech tailors custom software solutions to empower businesses and leave a positive impact on the world. The ls and prestigious company has 45+ customers worldwide.

Company Summary

Company Name – South Tech
Establishment – 1996
Employees – 90+ 
Services – Southtech UX/UI solutions, Southtech data center, Software development, Consultancy
Software- Microfinance Software, HR Software, Retail Management Software, VAT Software, Insurance  Management Software, SCALED – HR Management Software, Loan Origination System, E-Commerce Solution.

Kaz Software

Kaz software is a good software company in Bangladesh

Kaz Software has been another leader in custom software development since 2004. Kaz Software empowers businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital age. The company delivers efficient, cost-effective, and tangible results.

Strong technical skills and passionate team members have helped the company cover design, data research, QA, and so many things. Over the years, Kaz Software has completed 200+ software projects for 150+ companies.

Company Summary

Company Name – Kaz Software
Establishment – 2004
Employees – 70+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Products – Social app with localization, Large financial content portal, Desktop-based tax optimization tool, Corporate data management application, Document repository, Database driven file system, Content rich web application, LDAP management tool, and so on.
Tech Stack – PC/C++, C#, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, Java, etc.


Bdtask is a famous software company in Bangladesh

Bdtask helps businesses worldwide with their software needs. For over 10 years, it has built solutions for various industries, from healthcare to e-commerce. The team of experts uses modern technology to create reliable and affordable software.

Bdtask has clients like the ICT Division, Ha-meem Group, WASA, Milk Vita, and others happy. Also, it has happy clients from different countries in the world including the USA, UK, India, UAE, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, and so on.

Company Summary

Company Name – Bdtask 
Establishment – 2012
Employees – 70+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Services – Custom Software, Graphics Design, Clipping Path, Digital Health, SaaS Model, Cyber Security, Video Production Service, etc.

REVE Systems

Reve systems has a good name in the tech industry of Bangladesh

Since 2003, REVE Systems has established itself as a leader in the IP-based communication industry. Its comprehensive suite of solutions caters to various needs, from core infrastructure like Session Border Controllers to cutting-edge features like Mobile OTT and Cloud Telephony. This allows the company to serve a wide range of clients, from telecom operators needing robust SMS platforms to enterprises seeking secure communication solutions.

REVE Systems’ commitment goes beyond just products, as it offers a complete package with middleware and peripheral solutions.

Company Summary

Company Name – Reve Systems 
Establishment – 2003
Employees – 200+ 
Products – REVE SMS, REVE SBC, REVE OTT, Hosted Softswitch, Hosted Dialer, iTel Mobile Dialer, REVE SDK, iTel Billing, etc.


Welldev is one of the good software companies in Bangladesh

WellDev, is a global software development company headquartered in Switzerland. It has been helping businesses bring their ideas to life since its inception. With over 150 expert engineers across 5 global offices, it utilizes agile methodologies to deliver high-quality custom software solutions.

Welldev’s motto, “Imagine | Build | Succeed,” reflects their approach of combining creative vision with technical expertise to overcome project challenges. The company’s results-oriented mindset has benefited over 100 clients across diverse industries, including startups, real estate, finance, IT services, e-commerce, entertainment, transportation, and manufacturing.

Company Summary

Company Name – Welldev
Establishment – 2017
Employees – 50+ 
Services – Managed Applications, Extended Workbench, Professional Services.
Tech Stack – Ruby on Rails, React, Oracle Apex, Java, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, C#, Angular, Vue, Python, etc.

Riseup Labs

Riseup labs is a good software company in Bangladesh

Riseup Labs, a next-generation IT solutions provider, has over 13 years of experience. It serves businesses to navigate digital transformation. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like web 3.0, AI, and cloud computing to design innovative solutions for over 100 clients in 20+ countries.

Riseup Labs’ main focus is on automation, analytics, and sustainability to help organizations achieve success in the digital age. Partnering with Riseup Labs provides access to a comprehensive suite of services – Consulting, Engineering, Managed Services, and R&D.

Company Summary

Company Name – Riseup Labs  
Establishment – 2009
Employees – 80+ 
Services – Mobile App Development, Web Development, Software Development, Internet of Things – IoT, Blockchain Development, Game Development, AR / VR / MR Solutions, Quality Assurance (QA), Managed IT Services.

Kona Software Lab

Kona software lab is a well-known software company in Bangladesh

A leading player in the smart card industry, Kona Software Lab Limited (established in 2012) is both an R&D center and a global solutions provider for its parent company, KONA I Co., Ltd.  They design and manufacture smart cards, develop cutting-edge payment and security solutions, and deliver them to a global clientele.  Kona is a major force in the Korean market and is expanding its reach internationally. Their focus is on providing secure payment solutions across various platforms (chip cards, mobile wallets, wearables) leveraging their expertise in EMV and smart card technology. Kona even offers its own digital wallet product, KonaMoney, in the Korean market. At Kona, “Smart, Secure, Convenient” is more than just a slogan, it’s the foundation of everything they do.

Company Summary

Company Name – Kona SL
Establishment – 2012
Employees – 150+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Products & Services – IC chip, Smart card, Mona, Kona card, Kona BIZ, Kona Plate, Local community, Taxi calling service, App metering service, Blockchain-as-a-service, Research platform, new Commerce Platform.


Authlab is a popular software company in Bangladesh

Authlab is a Rocketship for small businesses. Founded in 2016, the company assembles designers, engineers, and marketing whizzes to craft solutions and propel revenue.

Over 500,000 businesses trust authLab’s software to boost conversions, improve customer experience, and ultimately, fuel growth. Its success is based on a customer-centric approach. Authlab has served 160+ countries till now with top-notch services.

Company Summary

Company Name – Authlab
Establishment – 2016
Employees – 100+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Products – Fluent Forms, Fluent CRM, Ninja Tables, Social Ninja, Fluent Support, FluentSMTP.

Astha IT

Astha IT, a standard software company

Astha IT builds dream teams of pre-vetted coders for complex, global projects. Founded in 2008, It has helped governments, startups, and industry leaders, such as FinTech, EdTech, Retail, Web3, etc.

Astha IT is a network of 200+ remote tech talents. The team excels in communication and scalability. It has delivered several top-rated products to Bangladesh’s Tech industry. One of its works Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) lets users manage hassle-free applications.

Company Summary

Company Name – Astha IT
Establishment – 2008
Employees – 50+ 
Working Days – Sunday To Thursday   
Services – Software Development, Apps Development, Product Development, Automation, Startups, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Microservices.

Streams Tech

Steams Tech is among the all software company in Bangladesh

This is the last one of this wonderful Bangladesh software company list. If you are stuck on a complex software project or environmental challenge, Streams Tech Ltd can be your hero. The environmental wizards combine GIS software expertise with custom application development to craft efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 giant or a local startup, Streams Tech empowers you to tackle your toughest obstacles.

For any engineering and manufacturing application, you can trust Streams Tech and build a more sustainable future.

Company Summary

Company Name – Streams Tech
Establishment – 2012
Employees – 50+  
Products & Projects – GeoSWMM, WaterNAM, WDM Toolkit. The projects of the company include Geographic Information System (GIS), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Business Intelligence (BI), and Environm.

A look at the thriving software industry

Company NameKnown forOffice Location
XpeedStudioWordPress development plugins and solutionsDhaka
Brainstation 23Web and mobile App development, banking and e-commerce solutions.Dhaka
OllyoWordPress and Joomla productsDhaka
weDevsWordPress development plugins and solutionsDhaka
WPDeveloperWordPress development servicesDhaka
VivasoftSoftware development outsourcing and team augmentationDhaka, Rajshahi
EnosisCustom software and mobile app developmentDhaka
TigerITSecurity Management SoftwareDhaka
CefaloSoftware development and integrationNorway, Dhaka
LeadSoftTeam augmentation with pre-vetted developersDhaka
BJITOffshore and custom software developmentDhaka
Dream 71 BangladeshVideo game developmentDhaka
South TechUX/UI design solutions and data center servicesDhaka
Kaz SoftwareSoftware development and interaction designDhaka, Switzerland
BdtaskMobile app developmentDhaka
REVE SystemsVoIP solutions for business communicationSingapore, Dhaka
WellDevManaged application servicesZurich-Airport, Zurich, Dhaka
Riseup LabsDevelopment using AR, VR, MR, XR, and 360° technologiesDhaka
Kona Software LabDigitization platform development and custom software solutionsDhaka, US, Korea
AuthlabWordPress plugins, themes, templatesSylhet
Astha ITProvides remote developers to tackle ambitious software developmentDhaka
Streams TechCustom applications, GIS software development, and environmental modelingDhaka

Summing up…

With a talent pool booming with skilled developers, innovative companies like XpeedStudio, Ollyo, TigerIT, and many others are making their mark on the global stage. From building beginners’ software to complex applications these companies offer a diverse range of solutions. Moreover, the emphasis on remote work and global collaboration further fuels this growth, making Bangladesh a competitive player in the international tech landscape.

The tech-loving world is embracing digital transformation rapidly. Hope, Bangladeshi tech enthusiasts are well-positioned to play a major role in shaping the future.

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